Lets Pass SB 770-A9
Submit Testimony Again
Thanks to you, we are on our way!
SB 770-A9 to create the Universal Health Care Task Force has moved out of Ways and Means Subcommittee on Capital Construction and is headed to the Joint Ways and Means Committee. It is a big day for changing the system.
HB 2005 Paid Family Medical Leave has done the same.
We are closer than ever, so please keep making repeat calls and emails into legislators. Tell them to pass 770-A9 and HB 2005. They are a good combination.
Tell Your Health Care Story. Sample: “It is time to pass SB 770-A9. This bill calls for public input to build the system that Oregonians want. It is time to get on the real path to where everyone gets the care they need when they need it–a system free of out of control costs, administrative waste, and denials of care. Let’s build a health care system that will save dollars and save lives across all of Oregon. It is time to move toward the fiscally conservative system. It is what Oregonians want.”
Together We Can Do Better and get Health Care for All Oregon.
The Health Care for All Oregon Bill puts Oregon on the leading edge of the path to Single Payer. This Task Force with broad public input will determine the system to get access to care for everyone in Oregon. This is what we have been working for.
DO NOT LET UP. Contact your legislators again and tell them this is important to you.