Urgent Alert Update:
SB 770A Final Push
Time to Show Up
or Submit Testimony
Senator James Manning has been fighting with us for Universal Health Care. He hopes that we will have a great showing.
You are having an impact. SB 770A as amended scheduled for a Work Session. This is a giant leap forward.
HB 2005 Paid Family Medical Leave and SB 872 Prescription Drug Transparency are still alive will be at the same Work Session. These are bills HCAO has been supporting all session. It is a big day for health care. We can show up for all three.
Join the Action.
When: 9am, Monday, June 17,
Where: Hearing Room F. Salem Capitol
Let’s fill the Hearing Room and beyond with Health Care for All support. Wear your red shirts.
Let the Legislators know that Oregonians want a real health care system that is cost effective, provides access to care for all, and improves the health of Oregonians.
Submit testimony to the Subcommittee if you can’t show up.
Subject: SB 770A with amendments.
Tell Your Health Care Story. Add: “It is time to pass SB 770 with amendments. This bill calls for public input to build the system that Oregonians want. It is time to get on the real path to where everyone gets the care they need when they need it–a system free of out of control costs, administrative waste, and denials of care. Let’s build a health care system that will save dollars and save lives across all of Oregon. It is time to move toward the fiscally conservative system. It is what Oregonians want.”
Please Share Widely! We need to get a big showing.
Leave messages or email the Subcommittee Members now to support this bill with amendments.
Together We Can Do Better and get Health Care for All Oregon.
The Health Care for All Oregon Bill puts Oregon on the leading edge of the path to Single Payer. This Task Force with broad public input will determine the system to get access to care for everyone in Oregon. This is what we have been working for.
DO NOT LET UP. SHOW UP in Salem or Submit Testimony!
We need to overflow the place.
Make sure you are following Health Care for All Oregon on Facebook.