(Note: off-guardian.org is a left-wing website based in the UK.) “https://off-guardian.org/2019/06/07/the-neoliberal-disaster-of-us-healthcare

by Simon Hodges

Imagine if a political party in the UK included in its manifesto a pledge to increase public spending on the NHS by 55%! Such a pledge would be derided by neoliberals as being delusional accompanied by the TINA (Truth In Negotiations Act) claim that the only way forward is privatizing the NHS in order to improve its efficiency.

Comparative studies between health care costs between the US and the UK show that it is the neoliberal assumptions that are actually delusional and that private sector health care is astonishingly bad value for money.

In 2018 the UK spent 18% (£145.8 billion) of the total government budget in order to provide free universal health care.

By contrast, in 2018 the US spent 28% ($1.5 trillion) of the total government budget in order to apparently subsidize a woefully inefficient private health care sector.