Monday, July 3rd, 2017 8:00 PM

Health Care for All Oregon Rogue Valley

presents Anne Feeney’s Summer of Resistance Tour!

Unitarian Universalist Church
4th and C
Ashland, OR
Price: free! 
Wes is organizing the show


Hi there! 

I’m sending this from the beautiful Hill Country in central Texas. This is day 16 of the (18 day) Kerrville Folk Festival  – music-filled nights under the stars – post-show gatherings around campfires, where the music played often surpasses the music from the main stage. For those who come for the whole event, by day 16 the sleep deprivation and dehydration wreak havoc on listeners and musicians alike.  People can be seen wandering in the wee hours muttering “I hate my job! I’ve got to do something else with my life!!”, but romances blossom and relationships begin.


I am ready to go home and prepare for the exciting shows I have booked for this summer.  I hope I get to see many of you in Washington, DC, Massachusetts, Vermont, California, Oregon, Vancouver Island  or Vancouver itself. — all of which I will visit during this tour.  If you don’t live in or near any of the places I am playing, I bet you know someone who does.  Please forward this widely to any friends and relatives you have in places I’m visiting. You can be pretty sure that no one will hear about this tour from my corporate sponsors.  Thanks so much for your help and support.  I absolutely could not do this without you.


Don’t forget the campaign to transport Utah’s Phillips railroad car to the Black Butte Center for Railroad Culture. – please follow this link to donate to this wonderful cause.


Love, peace, justice, equality and solidarity!