Sunday, January 15th will be the first day of 2017 for HCAO supporters in Jackson County to rally in support of Single Payer Health Care Reform along with Jackson County Democrats. Please join us at the Medford Library no later than 1 PM:


  1. 12:00PM – JACKSON COUNTY DEMOCRATS host a “Our Revolution” Meetup in Medford Library
  2.  1:00 PM – HCAO supporters join JC Dems on Central Ave outside Library for ‘Save Health Care Rally’
  3.  1:40 PM – Join March or Drive to MLK celebration at Central Medford High School on Oakdale
  4.  1:30 PM – MLK Celebration Begins at Central Medford High School
  5.   3:15 PM – “Our Revolution” Meetup Reconvenes at Central Medford High School
  6.  5:00 PM – Adjourn

Wear your red HCAO shirt (available at Medford Library) and bring a healthcare sign to show solidarity.

Go to and put in your zip code to register for the “Our Revolution” meetup.

Other solidarity events (both Website and Facebook links):
Health Care for All Oregon – Rally on Sunday 1/15 1:00 pm, Medford library
Ashland MLK celebration Monday 1/16 12:00pm, Ashland Armory
Women’s March Southern Oregon Saturday 1/21, 11am Ashland library
Southern Oregon MLK Celebrations Sunday & Monday January 15 & 16
Various Times and Locations