Editor, Grants Pass Courier:

Traditional Medicare is our nation’s most efficient and popular health care program with a cost for administration and overhead of less than 5%.  Efforts are underway to change this.  The Direct Contracting Entities (DCE) program, introduced by the Center for Medicare Service (CMS) was the first attempt.  It met with such grassroots opposition that it is being canceled at the end of 2022.   CMS has now announced a nearly identical privatization program called “ACO REACH”, scheduled to start Jan. 1, 2023.

The REACH program retains all the same toxic elements of the previous DCE program. Privatization begins by:

•     Private investors (middlemen) can invest in Medicare in multiple ways. These groups of investors can become Reach investors by buying stock in Wall Street hedge funds, commercial insurers stock…not just health related firms.

•     The REACH program allows the profit margin to increase to 40%. Forty cents out of every dollar which should be spent on medical care for seniors would go to administration costs and private profits.  Medical care for seniors would suffer greatly. This would eventually drain Medicare of its financial resources.

•     Seniors will be automatically enrolled without their consent in this program.

•     The REACH program does not go before Congress and many of our congress people do not know about these changes.

For more information and details on how the REACH program threatens to destroy the most popular federal program in the United States – traditional Medicare – go to the website of Healthcare for All Oregon, Rogue Valley: www.hcao-rv.org


Jerry Reed, Member, HCAO-RV

Grants Pass, OR 


Lauri Hoagland, Chair, HCAO-RV

Ashland, OR