From: Debby Schwartz
Sent: Wednesday, April 01, 2020
Subject: Re: The followup letter sent to Merkley’s heath care staffer:
On Apr 1, 2020, Debby Schwartz  wrote:
Dear Elvia, 
Senator Merkley’s letter “From coronavirus to Medicare for All: a path forward” reached us this week. It was wonderful to read.  On behalf of Health Care for All Oregon – Action, please pass on to the Senator our thanks for his message.
We appreciate his recognition that we must act immediately to minimize the damage and the loss of life due to COVID-19, and we support these measures. And when the pandemic subsides, it will be essential to address the fundamental brokenness of our health care system. This crisis has brought into clear relief the inadequacies of our patchwork system of health insurance, a system which leaves so many of us vulnerable. We believe that what we are experiencing now is a good indicator that health care should not be tied to employment, seeing how many people have lost their jobs. Also, we have seen how much each person’s individual health care affects everybody else. 
We strongly agree with the Senator that “every American must have the opportunity to participate in simple, seamless, cost-effective Medicare for All.” Only a universal, Medicare for All, national health insurance system will provide health care to all of our people, without barriers and without worries.
In this time of fear and distress, isolation and uncertainty, we very much appreciate the Senator’s forward-looking and hopeful message to Oregonians, imagining a better future for all of us.
With deep appreciation,
The National Strategy Committe of Heath Care for All Oregon – Action
Chair, Debby Schwartz
I want to thank all the people who helped write the letter. Chris Lowe, Betsy Zucker, Lisa Stiller, Beth Kerwin and Mary Lyons.
I also want to share the acknowledgement back from Elvia:
“Thank you, Debby.  Appreciate the note and glad you saw the letter.  Stay in toch, and hope ;you are staying well  and healthy.”