“Don’t Touch My Medicare!”

Wendell Potter, Tarbell’s founder: If we learned one thing from the presidential debates last week, it is that health care—and, in particular, the Medicare program, which turned 54 years old Tuesday, July 31—are going to be what candidates talk about most between now and election day. Most of us were too young to remember what health care was like for seniors in this country before Medicare was enacted in 1965. To help us put this national conversation in proper context, Tarbell is republishing an article by Tarbell contributor Trudy Lieberman that is an absolutely must read. Trudy tells how Medicare came to be in the face of formidable opposition from the entrenched health care special interests of the day and explains the relentless efforts by Republican lawmakers and big corporations to privatize it. She also addresses the program’s fiscal health and pulls the curtains back on how the health insurance industry has used phony consumer groups and other tactics to keep taxpayer dollars flowing into private Medicare Advantage plans.

Click on: tarbell.org/2019/08/dont-touch-my-medicare-trudy-l/