Universal Health Care Commission Moves 

On To Joint Ways and Means Committee

                Breaking News: Your efforts are working.

The newly proposed amended SB 770 A4 was just forwarded to the Oregon Joint Ways and Means Committee along with a request to schedule a Public Hearing. It is now essential that a Public Hearing be scheduled.

The Health Care for All Oregon Bill establishes a Universal Health Care Commission and puts Oregon on the leading edge of the path to Single Payer.

If your legislator is on either:

Please contact them and say there needs to be a Public Hearing scheduled on SB 770A with amendment A4 to create a Universal Health Care Commission.

Many of those on the Committee are already sponsors but they need strong reminding of the need for a real health care system. Find Sponsors here.

Everyone needs to contact the Chairs of Joint Ways and Means and Chairs of Human Services Subcommittee and tell them we need a Public Hearing on SB 770A and the amended 770-A4. Tell Your Health Care Story.

  • It is time to stop medical bankruptcy.

  • It is time to stop denials of care.

  • It is time for everyone to get the care they need.

Legislative Committee work is continuing and we must fight on with continued pressure. Nothing will just be given.